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  1. Two thumbs up for the armed citizen!
  2. How to maintain your freedom
  3. We are truly out of control...
  4. CM9 Featured in American Rifleman
  5. Fla CWFL
  6. The Walking Dead
  7. Shooting in Fla.
  8. CCW holder in FL shot 17yo
  9. Mailman won't deliver due to neighbors chained pitbull
  10. Anyone had a gunsmith adjust/work the trigger pull of either a P45 or a PM 9mm?
  11. First post. Picking up new PM9 tomorrow
  12. No fun today ... :-(
  13. If you're bored... (Redneck fun)
  14. Isn't anyone immune from stupidity?
  15. 1st kid in Mexico
  16. How many Khar owners also have DSLR's
  17. People ask why I carry....Here's Why
  18. Why I Recommend Kahr Firearms
  19. The little things matter
  20. Range behavior rants
  21. show me your pocket holster profiles...
  22. CCW thoughts
  23. Got RGR?
  24. Preparedness isn't just for "Preppers"!
  25. Tis the season
  26. Is re-holstering a loaded weapon the single most dangerous thing you can do?
  27. anyone have their guns "jeweled"
  28. Meeting Place
  29. The Hammer of Censorship
  30. made a lube video
  31. My supply of cheap PMC ammo ran out.
  32. Just an FYI
  33. Why do people prop up guns via the trigger guard?
  34. gun control
  35. Cousin Cletus and his guns, too sexy for his clothes
  36. If you drive a motorcycle to your job which doesn't allow you to carry, what to do?
  37. Time for a spring cleaning
  38. Food for disaster preparedness
  39. Shooting with glasses
  40. .40 cal 223 and 5.56 BUY now!
  41. Guns and Ammo names PM9 perfect for Apocalypse
  42. New gun day!!!!
  43. Kahr's "A Grip"
  44. APRIL.... Who Could Forget April????
  45. The Brave One
  46. Practical Concealed Carry Tips Please
  47. How Old Are You?
  48. Damaged slide!!! A 4-1-2012 Parody
  49. Small 9mm comparison
  50. Charlotte NC area anyone?
  51. Got Mace?
  52. Favorite things to shoot at...
  53. stippling on my CW
  54. Recreational target shooting in Moab area?
  55. Storm Warning
  56. Duracoat
  57. ultrasonic cleaner-one of the best purchases I've made
  58. Just sayin
  59. I just finished wiping the blood off of my Kahr...
  60. A fun "repair" today!
  61. When Jocko's right, do I have to admit it?
  62. Bluing - A DIY Project?
  63. Happy Easter
  64. New Kahr (CM9) Owner from IL!
  65. It's official
  66. New Bawanna Grips!
  67. new job?
  68. Kahr Arms FB Page!
  69. CA approved handgun safe
  70. I Shot Myself - the musical
  71. Weaponshield
  72. Annual sojourn begins
  73. Manson finally got the message
  74. CNN says Zimmerman to be prosecuted
  75. New PM9 Owner and New to Kahr Talk
  76. Funeral procession for slain Austin police officer
  77. Possible problems with WWB ammo
  78. forget the police
  79. Flying Car
  80. Love Interruption
  81. Greenland, NH Police Chief killed last night
  82. Teacher Requires Students to Become Pen Pals With Accused Child Molester
  83. NRA Meeting in St. Louis
  84. What's this VIP stuff on Bud's ???
  85. Yorkie hates my pm9
  86. No Trijicon HD NS for Kahr... yet.
  87. A true story of an american hero's wife.
  88. Lonesome Dove
  89. Scam warning!
  90. What tools do you have handy for cleaning?
  91. Tornado Alley - Advances in Technology
  92. Met Justin Moon Yesterday
  93. Mas on - Kahr P45 & Ammo for Carry
  94. AMMO and Recreational vehicles
  95. Small Gun Vault
  96. tears to ones eyes
  97. Review: Man Loves his PM9
  98. Review:A man and his PM45
  99. Holsters: To use or not to use?
  100. For u military guys and gals
  101. Stains on stainless
  102. Big Bang
  103. Thought I'd share
  104. Double .45 1911
  105. Where do you keep it in the car?
  106. Thinking of buying one of these but has mixed reviews....
  107. Facial injuries from ejected shells
  108. Pm 45 still not reliable
  109. LEOs not overpaid
  110. ordered a sight pusher, any tips on using it on my kahr
  111. Nuge cleared by the Secret Service
  112. And Bank of America always makes good decisions?
  113. Bank of America drops McMillan Group International
  114. New (to me) pistol today
  115. Zimmerman update
  116. Fell of the bandwagon
  117. jocko's cowboy boots
  118. Short slide, short handle reliability
  119. Good news from the doctor
  120. Ruger hawkeye going to the gunsmith
  121. US Army Cancels Uncle Ted
  122. kids getting booze
  123. General Discussions
  124. K and P 9 mfg dates, recalls, and factory production changes
  125. MO gun buyer/seller requirements
  126. Pretty Damn Funny
  127. 3 squares and a cot
  128. Pistol-totin' grandmas rule!
  129. see this?
  130. VA man accidentally shoots self & wife at gun class
  131. just sayin
  132. Legislation to eliminate special health care for Congressmen
  133. Video of IED explosion in Iraq
  134. Keeps Getting More Complicated.....
  135. dead duck
  136. Suggestions for friends.40 Caliber
  137. Any hockey fans?
  138. Prosecutors ask for increased bail on Zimmerman
  139. House GOP wants to hold Holder in Contempt
  140. Funny Video - Senior Moments
  141. Carry mode: Keep a round chambered or no? Why or why not?
  142. Blonde math....
  143. May! It's almost here! What's UP?
  144. need ideas for mag impovement
  145. A little help for Bawana
  146. How doe FTF transactions work?
  147. Bawanna's depressed................
  148. Gangland - from the History Channel
  149. Didnt get an RI-060 with new purchase (Michigan)
  150. Bawanna strikes again: Browning Hi-Power grips!
  151. kill a rabbit
  152. Wrongly convicted Colorado man set free after 16 years
  153. U.S. Army orders 24,000 M4A1 Carbines from Remington
  154. A year since Bin Laden was taken out
  155. Interesting experience at Leesburg... yikes
  156. New Guy
  157. Hey it's May....
  158. Kahrtalk Newbie
  159. Why I carry
  160. The Battle of Athens (Tennessee)
  161. I need ur help
  162. Ordered my Big Dots last Monday and still haven't gotten them?
  163. New Member
  164. cheap bulk tagrets
  165. Surprised how Kahr ships out sights...
  166. broken follower
  167. Reminded why I like working on guns better than cars.
  168. New member
  169. Possible?
  170. welcome to America
  171. Trigger Reset Article
  172. Home Town Sub-Forum
  173. The Avengers, or Scarlett prefers Glock - LOL!
  174. The Man Who Shot Osama Bin Laden
  175. RIP Goober Pyle
  176. CM/PM9 and CW/P9
  177. New member from Georgia
  178. They were older then, than we are now...
  179. Remember: Always treat a gun as loaded.
  180. Need a little info on Marlin 22
  181. Which gun?
  182. I broke a dogs heart last night
  183. Dept. Homeland Security prepares for Civil War
  184. 1st Gun & The One That Got Away
  185. Candidate for a Darwin Award?
  186. its alittle long but so important
  187. Saying goodbye soon...
  188. Posted "No weapons"
  189. Working as security guard tomorrow
  190. California Approved Handgun Safe
  191. career politician
  192. Bawanna comes through again!
  193. open carry passes in Oklahoma
  194. Mag spring for 6 rnd P40
  195. Happy mothers day
  196. Jocko Teaches Typing
  197. Mas Ayoob on .380 for Self Defense
  198. this is so so cool, u gotta see this
  199. all gave some, some certainly gave
  200. Does anyone use a Boresnake on your Kahr's?
  201. Mother's Day
  202. Just sayin
  203. UN Small Arms Treaty and more bad crap.
  204. gun belt?
  205. Obama admits birth cert. forgery
  206. They mock me..
  207. Jocko Rules!!!
  208. What round is this spent casing from?
  209. Swamp People Mitchell Guist Dead
  210. CM9 9mm Federal 115 +P+, 124 +P fps
  211. Just received this and thought it was good.
  212. American Handgunner July/August Digital Edition Ready To View
  213. Wrong man was executed in Texas, probe says
  214. What have you done ammo-wise lately?
  215. Kahr customer service.........
  216. Should I make this trade?
  217. "Copy-Cat" designs at Safariland
  218. Stand your ground News nonsense
  219. What not to buy your wife for her bday!
  220. wow what next
  221. Silaca Gell for safe
  222. E9?
  223. Lighting inside gun safe?
  224. CW9 and 4 wheelin'
  225. GUNS July Digital Edition Ready To View
  226. LEO gang
  227. Airport hassle
  228. Handgun Trade Legalities?
  229. Proud father
  230. Mas Ayoob on Compensated Guns for Carry
  231. Two Friends Talking
  232. Even after being shot several times, suspect keeps beating officer
  233. Chainsaw
  234. happy new CM9 owner
  235. MK40 Sweetness
  236. Target stand prototype. Whatcha think?
  237. Happy birthday
  238. Hottest Girl of advertisers in Shot Gun News
  239. colt mustasng pocketlite 380
  240. Lawyer reads entire Obamacare bill, comments on it
  241. watch out for old lady with puppy
  242. Memorial Day
  243. Loctite Gun-tite vs. Loctite 222
  244. Any Scotch Drinkers on Board?
  245. Smith & Wesson Stocks On the Rise While Ruger On Hard Times
  246. just sayin
  247. Outstanding gun songs
  248. Kahr Arms donates $50,000 to Wounded Warrior Project
  249. Draino, tin foil, and water bombs
  250. Best Laid Plans