View Full Version : Took Dan Wesson apart last night.

03-06-2012, 01:07 PM
My latest Dan Wesson revolver aquisition had a real gritty double action pull so I ordered some Wolff springs for it and took it completetly apart last night and put the new springs in and polished anyplace that looked rough. I can tell why it felt so gritty, some had sprayed white lithium grease inside it, and it was packed with all kinds of crap. I can't believe some shot white lithium in there. Anyway with the help of the instructions on the DanWessonForum.com and pictures I took during disassembly I was able to get it back together and working properly without the gritty feeling on the trigger. I used a very light coat of Rust Free oil to coat the inner parts. I'd never taken a revolver apart like that and I was wondering if I was going to get it back together right, but I guess I did. Probably should go out in the barn and pop off a cylinder and make sure it's working.
Note to self: Don't ever shoot lithium grease into a revolver, it attracts all manner of dirt and grit, and is a real mess to clean up.

03-06-2012, 02:10 PM
Fired a box of Winchester 357 Mag PDX1 Defender Supreme Elite Bonded HPs through the S&W 640-1.
That stuff has fast burn, low flash, gunpowder and hardly gets the gun dirty at all.
Just wipe it down with a silicon cloth.
Then run a quick brush through the barrel and cylinder with militec-1.
Then some wet/dry patches.
Drop of militec-1 for the cylinder to spin, dry the pup up and she's done.

I like watching on demand The Walking Dead while spinning the cylinder of the empty revolver.

I must watch this show with EXTREME CAUTION though.
If I keep watching it I may be forced to acquire a long barreled Colt Python!