View Full Version : Finally got my Sig C3 to the range

03-09-2012, 08:25 AM
Well, I finally got to take the Sig 1911 C3 to the range. Put 200 rounds of PMC Bronze 230gr FMJ through it without any problems what-so-ever. It shoots pretty well, but I had a bad day...couldn't stop the shakes. I don't know if I was nervous or what, but I can't remember having to actually force myself to calm down, breathe, relax, and squeeze the trigger. It did get better, but not much.... Anyway, the C3 was flawless even though I wasn't. Nice pistol, and I'd recommend it... Next trip to the range I'll throw some SD rounds through it and see what she prefers.

MW surveyor
03-09-2012, 08:39 AM
New gun jitters!

LOL that was me yesterday as well. Probably too much coffee in the morning (just like today). Finally had to step back, regroup and then go again. After getting calmed down, shot the CZ and the CW9 very well.