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02-15-2011, 07:46 PM
wyntrout whats up with that springfield:001_tt2:

02-17-2011, 05:56 PM
I got the rear sights off and I'm waiting to hear from Check-Mate. I finally reached them today and want to get my magazines working.
I'm thinking of several alternatives. There's a Swenson file (backordered) at Midway for widening 65 dovetail cuts. There's just one cutting side so you can widen away without messing up the dovetail:


Brownells has similar files but wants $34 or $35 each! :eek:

I have the 65 dovetails on the slide but they aren't wide enough for most of the cuts like Novak or Kimber, etc., and some are 60 instead of 65.

I was thinking of waiting and getting one of those to widen mine to hold the sights I want... adjustable... more target oriented... or maybe defensive as well with Tritium dots.

Another choice is maybe http://www.ccrrefinishing.com/hg.htm . Having them install sights and refinish the gun... after making the dovetail cuts as necessary, of course.

We're going to visit my brothers next week and I can't really get anything going right now. I'm antsy to get back to shooting the Springfield, but I want to get it set up with decent sights. The ones installed on it were not a matched set, not the ones I wanted.

I'll keep you guys updated as soon as there's anything to report.

My youngest brother is going to be there as well. He just retired from California Corrections and maybe we can get out somewhere and shoot some while I'm there. His carry guns are a Para P12 and a Kimber... .45's, of course.

At least I can concealed carry everywhere I'm going on this trip... to Natchez, MS. :D

I've been playing plumber for a few days and today I had to fix my dryer... which quit last night in the middle of drying our clothes... had to replace a thermal fuse. Last time I did that was in 2005 (bought new in 1997). Cheaper than $600 for a new dryer... almost bought a new one.