View Full Version : Range report - New PO GI Expert

MW surveyor
04-25-2011, 02:10 PM
Just back from the range after shooting 100 rounds through the new gun.

I'm stoked:D

No problems of any kind with the gun's operations. Started off shooting it kinda low and left for the first 50 rounds. Had to pull out my S&W 422 for some remedial trigger work on the single action operations. Haven't been shooting SA for a while. Mostly DA with the CW9 and my SP101.

After shooting about 100 rounds through the 22, went back onto the 45. Was still shooting a bit low but then i "discovered" the correct sight alignment for the Para. Things tightened up real good and started to get groups in the center of the targets.:cool:

Shot the center out of both targets. Those 45 rounds are nice and big! Move some paper around real well.

I will post the last two targets later today in this thread so that everyone can believe me. no :lie:

Ok here's the targets. The one on the left has about 30 rounds through it and it was the first after tuning myself up with the 22. The one on the right is 20 rounds and shot last. The small holes are from the 22. BTW - these were shot at 7 yards. Not real slow but not real fast. Sort of half-fast.


04-25-2011, 10:26 PM
Oh yeah! gotta love the 1911. Nice shooting and I really like the look of your new Para:)

MW surveyor
04-26-2011, 05:23 AM
gb6491 - Thanks, I like it too. However I think I'm getting the 1911 bug as in "What am I gonna mod on this gun?"

So far, new grips when I can decide on what wood or other material to get. Not gonna mess with the trigger yet as 100 rounds is not enough to make any kind of informed decision. Maybe a better front sight more high visiblity type.

Hope that my bullet order comes in this week so I can make up some wad cutter rounds.