View Full Version : Any Kimber Rimfire Target pistol owners?

07-06-2011, 09:28 PM
I purchased a used Kimber Rimfire Target pistol in 17 Mach 2. It's a beauty in all black. I believe I am the first to fire it. The first 100 rounds of Hornady were flawless. I tried some CCI and had a few issues. It may have been that I was under lubed. Trying again tomorrow post cleaning and oiling.

Does anyone shoot ther Kimber in 22LR or 17 M2?

Wondering if converting my 17 M2 to 22LR is possible with just a barrel swap? I was told by Kimber that the mags are identical and that a full conversion kit will work with this frame.

Currently paying $6.99 /50 rds locally, less at Cheaper than Dirt.

Anyone else own one?