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Default Magnum Research General Information

Welcome to the Magnum Research discussion forum! Members are invited to discuss any aspect of Magnum Research products in the various sub-forums. Here are some useful links pertaining to the MRI product company and product lines.

Magnum Research official web site

Individual Product Links

The Desert Eagle

Baby Eagle/Jericho

MR Eagle Fast Action Pistol

1911 Desert Eagle Pistol

The BFR (Biggest Finest Revolver)

Mountain Eagle Rifles

MagnumLite Rifles

Micro Desert Eagle Pistol

Magnum Research Company Services

The Custom Shop

Magnum Research Apparel

MRI Catalogs

MRI 2011 Catalog (Direct Link)

Ordering MRI Products

Online Product Registration

Product Service and Repair

Product Manuals

Product FAQs

MRI Product Videos
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